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The services include- Hydo-geological surveys and E.I.A services, Rig setup,Drilling procedure, Casing placement, Gravel pack insertion, Borehole Development, Borehole capping, Borehole plinth placement and Demobilization.

Civil Works

The Services include- Water pipelines, cattle troughs and sewer systems

Test Pumping Procedure

The services include- Setup, Test pumping (CRT) for 24 Hrs, Sample collection, Recovery and Demobilization.

Civil Works (Steel Tanks)

The Services include- Tank fabrications,tank bases casting and tank erection.

Schedule of Plant

T1500 speed star drilling plant with a capacity of 350m powered with a 300/1100psi compressor(Elgi Compressor).

Testing pump unit: 2 Land cruisers capable of testing deep wells.

We have 4 units of support trucks.


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